Berry Breakfast Quinoa


I like to workout first thing in the morning. Before I can even dream of an excuse, I immediately throw on workout clothes and get going. To me, it is the best way to start the day, as it mentally wakes me up and preps me for all the things I face. Even on the days that I find it hard to wake up, I know the feeling that waits on the end of my workout and it powers me through all the excuses that my mind tries to trick me into. Yes I would rather snuggle my mini dachshund and sleep another 2 hours, BUT life is too short and I have too many big goals that I need to chip away at. Beside laying out my clothes in the morning, I also meal prep, which leaves 3-5 less things I have to decide on a daily basis. I thought I would find it harder to get my protein in since I became vegan, especially since I work out so much, but there are recipes like these that give me not only protein but good antioxidants and other nutrients my body needs. 


Thanks for always watching out, Catherine! <3


Check out the full recipe here!