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Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

Dominique David


With the change of weather, I have been eating pumpkin in everything. Here is a great recipe for overnight oats, that taste like pumpkin pie of course! I have been just buying a can of pumpkin puree, and keeping it on hand to add to my routine. It is also super easy to add to vanilla protein shakes, delicious and the extra health benefits for bonus points!


Check out full recipe on Rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth here.

Southwest Tofu Scramble

Dominique David


I have always eaten pretty clean, but since going vegan, I have really had to focus on making sure to get enough protein. I try to keep my meal prep as simple as possible and have found that a lot of vegan recipes seem to be over complicated with a lot of hard to find ingredients. Minimalist Baker is my favorite site for easy go to recipes. Tofu scrambles have been a great way to start my mornings and they are super easy to prep. I have been finding that the tofu also keeps me very full, so the scramble is great after hard morning workouts. I have been loving this southwest tofu scramble, but you can very easily swap and switch up ingredients.

Check out the full recipe on Minimalist Baker here.

Black Bean Tacos

Dominique David


Growing up in Southern California, I love Mexican food! It definitely used to feel like a very heavy meal, but this recipe gave me new perspective on how to eat Mexican style food without over doing it. I love the cooked bell peppers and have actually added an inspiration of this recipe to my meal prep (more of a burrito bowl sans tortillas). Ill share soon, but in the meantime, TACOS!


Check out the full recipe here!

Cashew Ginger Brown Rice Bowl

Dominique David


I like to try new recipes every week for my meal prep, which keeps things interesting but also keeps my mind open to possibilities. People often see becoming a vegan as a severe limit to what you can eat, but I have been finding that my options are actually becoming more open as my mind is opening to all the different grains, veggies, and nuts that I didn't usually eat before. When you have to find alternatives, it provides the opportunity to really use creative problem solving, and I personally think my body has been really responding. Trying this tonight!


Check out the full recipe here!